Dr Igho was born on 12th of April in the year 1965 in the mountains of kigoma Tanzania in the Family of Mr & Mr's Yahaya Omoike and Agnes Omoike. During my birth, I was not born like other kids I was almost born without a skin reason being my mother had just given birth to my 5 other siblings and she was tired of giving birth, she was using traditional birth control medicine to prevent more birth, fortunately I was born with powers of my ancestors. My father and mother were both healer but with different healing systems. My father was healing with the powers he had inherited from his forefathers in helping people in different problems while my mother was using natural herbs to treat and heal different diseases and problems. Additionally to that my father was a business man dealing in animal skins and other animal horns and my mother was a farmer.

My growing up was not easy like other kids, I started talking at the age of 13moths and my parents were surprised and from that day they noted that I had special abilities and my siblings started rumors around the village that I started to talk at the age of 13months and a lot of people from my village and other villages started coming to see that miracle from that I started to give them prophecies on them one after the other and everything was true and everyone was amazed. I have been doing this since my childhood and I have 45years of experience.

Ancient Spiritual Herbal Home is a great place which has been existing for the past years and it has been past from generation to generations. What i do here is 100% safe and guaranteed and no matter what the infection, illness or disease, my natural roots and herbs must work for they are very powerful and secured, no harm and its very easy, And this herbal home is a place of seriousness and obedience. I'm here for real people who really want their problems to be solved and not a playing ground.

It never has to feel hopeless. You aren’t alone with the problem. I’ve helped many clients make true changes in their situations. I would pay tribute to your problem and help you right now! There are many solutions to your disease and illness. Please take a look around the website and go with your gut instinct on which of our herbal herbs medicine you want and which illness do you want to get rid off. Together we can make it right! Once you have made a choice and purchase, you will be guided to enter your information on how to get the medicine delivered to you. At this point, I will arrange a dedicated consultation with you to discuss the problem and illness you are facing. Do something about the problem by letting me help now!